Sunday, August 07, 2005

Voices at the Gate II

Here are a couple more quotes… I was trying so hard to remember them when composing the last post and couldn’t, so here they are now.

Me: Fox, that’s a nice shirt. I love that color [lime] green on you.
Fox: Thank you, but it’s the same shirt I wore yesterday. I hate wearing the same thing all the time.
Pat: Me, too!
If you don’t get the humor, remember that we will wear some configuration of exactly the same “outfit” every day of our service here!

For the next exchange it’s necessary to understand that the usual duty uniform for the inside of the base is just top, bottom, and soft cap. For the gate it is body armor, helmet, and the basic load of ammunition – averaging 25-35 extra pounds of weight per soldier.

“Customer” of our officer [quite put out at the inconvenience]: I hope we can get this all taken care of this time; this is like my fifth time down here, and I hate putting all this stuff on.
Me, standing there in the same uniform he’s wearing [mocking]: Yeh, me too. I know exactly how you feel; this is, like, my two hundredth time coming down here!


At 8/10/2005 3:14 PM, Anonymous Randy W said...

I love it. Memories flood back. I remember am roommate standing in fromt of his locker one morning for 5 min or so. Finally with a sigh he said
"I think I will wear my green shirt today"


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