Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Someone Else Should Do It!

I know I've been away a couple days... Shut my computer down for a day and a half to swap hard drives, fell a little under the weather, and just plain stayed busy. I'm back... here's more from the Gate:

Had to laugh (and grimace) when reading Pat's "NIMBY" post regarding the syndrome of "that's a great idea; why don't you talk to [insert name of someone other than me here] about taking care of that?" HA.

Additional note about the 12x15' office space, one Humvee, four Army personnel, and two interpreters (and a partridge in a pear tree)... We just had one more Command-directed interpreter added to our group. So now we have THREE interpreters and frequently have to take multiple trips to the gate just to get all of us to our place of work! Hey, at least we're not walking!

Pat and I agree that it's a great idea to make sure that we parade past the main headquarters building for our unit, just to make sure they see we have to use the gunner hatch to get enough room -- unfortunately, doing this the last three days has brought nothing since our parade seems to take place at the one 60-second interval when no one is outside! hmph. Frustrating, yes, but somehow we all still manage to find humor in it. More soon.


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