Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pat Said

Oops! I forgot that Pat was in a place where he would be watching the blog and inadvertently put him in a position to hear me whining about work! Funny how quickly we traverse 8,000 miles in one way or other. Here is the response he wrote to "Falling to Pieces (Part I)":

I'm sorry Boss! I lost count of how many times I uttered the phrase "This has to be done by 1 July" to you know who. When I left I had the sinking feeling that this would happen. DAMN IT!
In his defense, the product was imperfect. But not that imperfect. It was workable. It could be done! All I can say at this point is Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Why is a simple vision so hard to communicate? These pieces of paper need to be in all of these windshields by this date. Easy, concise, understandable. Isn't it?
When you have an opportunity, update me on just what our young troublemaker has done to destroy the process. That way I can cool off BEFORE I see him face to face and do something that wouldn't play well on CNN.
BTW I miss you too.

Thanks, Pat. I truly look forward to getting you back here -- selfishly, of course. Enjoy every drop of that time with your family! Soak up the energy there and bring it back with you as a reservoir of home. The base will still be here when you return; no need to dwell on it in the mean time.


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